As you can see, searching the term ‘ass’ yields 0 results.

Tumblr changed the search (now Search & Discovery) page yesterday. They also permanently flagged any blog they could find that has ever posted or reblogged explicit content as NSFW.

Now your search results, even as a NSFW blog, will not show any NSFW results unless you change the settings to allow them.

Any porn blogs, spread/reblog this so your followers know. Any non-porn blogs, spread/reblog this to your followers. Any cam girls spread/reblog!

Every one should be aware of this new default setting.

As you can see ALL results for tags like #ass. #booty etc. will yield ZERO results unless you change the settings

This might explain why our site traffic and activity has been at historic lows lately =P.  Everyone take note of this message!

This explains why my searches came up blank…I couldn’t even get results for my own name.